Tips For Buying Hockey Cards

Brad May Card

If you see hockey cards for sale you might be tempted to buy them for your collection. It is also easy to start thinking about creating a hockey card collection because you can easily find them. However, there are some tips that you should consider when buying hockey cards.

Buy What Makes You Happy

Buying hockey cards should not just be about creating a collection, but about what makes you happy. If you have a specific team that you support then you might want to collect their cards and this is completely acceptable. Enjoying collecting as a hobby is important because it will also make it easier to spend time looking for hockey cards for sale.

Do Not Try Buying Everything

A lot of people become over-excited and try to buy every hockey card that was ever made. This is something that you should avoid because it will become expensive and you will need to have a lot of room to store the cards. The number of cards on the market can be overwhelming so focusing on certain types of cards will help you find what you really want.

To start you should look at the cards that are produced each year. Most hockey card companies will release a new set of cards each year. Some manufacturers will have budget editions that are great for starting with, but they will also have some premium cards that you could look at getting.

Make It A Group Activity

If you have children then you should look at including them in your hockey card collecting. The chances are that they will also like hockey and could start their own collection at the same time. Of course, you should avoid pressuring anyone into card collecting because this is meant to be something that is fun.

Be Careful With Auctions

There are a lot of hockey cards available on auction sites like eBay, but you need to be careful. You will not only find counterfeit cards on these sites, but you could get caught up in a bidding war. You need to carefully research the card you are looking to buy before you start bidding. When you research the card you need to find out what the going price for it is and never exceed this.

You also need to be careful when buying hockey cards from manufacturers that have gone under. These manufacturers will liquidate their stock to dealers and you will be able to get unopened packets via auction. However, if you get any redemption cards in the pack then they are worthless because the company you would redeem them with is gone. You will also have no comeback if you get a card that has errors on it or any other problems.

Finding hockey cards for sale is fairly easy especially from places like, but you need to be careful when you are buying. Auction sites do have counterfeits that you need to be aware of, but they could also sell cards where the manufacturer has folded. You also need to buy what makes you happy.