Strategies For Hunting With Crossbows


Are you an avid hunter who is looking for a new experience? Hunting with a crossbow may be the answer. This is an ancient weapon which has been used for thousands of years. It is very accurate and can help ensure a clean shot so the animal doesn’t suffer. For many years, crossbows were outlawed and couldn’t be used in hunting. They have seen a resurgence recently as more communities are allowing them to be used to hunt big game. They were initially used by those with physical disabilities. Today, crossbows are allowed in many areas and are considered a good hunting weapon.

As more hunters began using crossbows, manufacturers responded by designing and producing beautiful crossbows for the hunting market. While these new bows are incredible hunting weapons, it is also important that hunters understand how to efficiently use a crossbow. Using a crossbow is very different than hunting with other weapons. There are some simple strategies for ensuring you have a great hunt.

Cocking the crossbow is one of the most important functions. It is not possible to get an accurate shot without properly cocking the arrow. The crossbow string must be latched to the right spot consistently. There are cocking aids available that make this easier, especially for someone new to the crossbow. If the crossbow is not correctly cocked, there is a risk of a bolt coming off early or moving at an unexpected angle. Either of these situations can be dangerous, especially if there are others in the area.

Some hunters choose to use a tripod or a stand to help steady their crossbow. Keeping the crossbow steady can significantly increase the accuracy of the hunter’s shots. The crossbow, while very powerful doesn’t come close to the power of a rifle. The bolt speed is only about ten percent that of a bullet. The bolt may deviate as much as ten times that of a bullet. A tripod or stand won’t weigh much and will hold the crossbow steady and help make it stable.

Crossbows may be used by hunters to bring down game over a distance, but may not be accurate at extremely long distances. A crossbow bolt loses height for each yard it travels. For example, if the bolt is moving at 350 feet per second, it will drop about 48 inches at sixty yards. It is best to be as close to possible t the animal before taking the shot.

This isn’t as difficult to do with a crossbow as it might be with a rifle or gun. Using a crossbow is usually very quiet and if the hunter is careful when moving in and when pulling back the bolt, they can approach very close to the game. They have become very advanced and these advancements can be seenĀ where they are discussed.

Crossbows are used during bow season which means the hunter will more likely see more game. Bow season is usually earlier than gun season and the animals haven’t yet moved further into the woods. Of course, it takes stealth to approach the animal and accuracy to bring it down with a clean shot. Hunting with crossbows can be fun as long as the hunter knows how to use the weapon.