The Benefits Of CTTB For People

A visit to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas should be on your list of places to go. Located north of San Francisco, it is a location that is complete with Buddhist temples, artwork, and those that follow this monastic lifestyle. Originating decades ago, it began as a project by its founder Hsuan Hua. His objective was to provide an authentic experience for those looking for more information about Buddhism. However, as his influence began to grow, and as lives were changed, his outreach became much more pronounced. Founding multiple institutions throughout the United States, it is the CTTB complex that is his greatest accomplishment.

How Did CTTB Get Started?

All of this began at an early age, starting with An Tzu. This was Hsuan Hua’s real name. After traveling for many years, seeking a good place to spread the word about Buddhism, he came to the Ukiah area. However, the journey began in the mind of Hsuan Hua who saw a vision for global Buddhism. He was devoted to this religion, and his way of life, which he thought he should share with others.

Where Did Hsuan Hua Come From?

He came from a northeastern portion of China called Jilin. Like his mother, he was a devout Buddhist and also a vegetarian. when he was a teenager, he took vowels and sought refuge at what is called Three Jewels. This subsequently led to him following a monastic way of life, and eventually led him to the Northern California area. There are many unique structures and artifacts at this location that people have seen for decades.

Highlights Of The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Some of the highlights include the artwork that is at this facility. Additionally, there are temples and different structures. There is an impressive entryway, and many subjects are taught including physiology, astrology, and even divination. The nuns and monks that reside there have taken vows. They are devoted to this very unique way of life. It is all of this that has attracted tens of thousands of people from all over the world to come to this destination.

How Old Is This Facility?

After visiting this area three times, following his desire to present Buddhism to the Western world, he bought this property. It was an asylum prior to becoming a monastery but served as a very good foundation for what is there now. It is complete with air conditioning, heating, and water, allowing all of the participants to live there. Only several decades old, it appears to be much older than that because of its authentic appearance.

City of Ten Thousand Buddhas is a destination that is set on nearly 500 acres. Located in a beautiful area of Northern California, it continues to attract potential candidates. Once there, they will learn about Buddhism, and also living a monastic life. It is the perfect destination for some. Although Hsuan Hua has been gone since 1995, his memory, and also his vision for the future of Buddhism, still lives on.