Tips For Choosing a Reputable Employment Montreal Lawyer

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An employment attorney is a legal representative who handles employment-related cases. If you think that you’ve been unfairly terminated, treated unfairly, discriminated against or sexually harassed, an employment Montreal lawyer can guide you on your rights as an employee.

Additionally, employment lawyers usually handle work-related disputes such as issues regarding workers’ compensation, wages, financial discrimination and other types of injustices. If you have been a recent victim of these kinds of injustices or discrimination, you should instantly contact a reputable employment lawyer. They will advise you on what to do and will defend you at the court of law. In addition, they will present arguments in your favor and handle all the paperwork.

However, employment law can be quite complex and it may take long for a case to be settled. As such, it is imperative to ensure that you are working with a competent employment Montreal lawyer. Here are a few tips from OLS Quebec on how to pick the right employment attorney in Montreal:

Who Do They Represent?

Employment lawyers either represent employees or employers. You will want to pick a lawyer who specializes in employee cases. Experience is a major factor, given how complex employment cases can be. You’ll want an attorney that has been in the industry for a considerable period.

Where to Find Them?

  • Word of Mouth

There are several people out there who can recommend an employment attorney. It might be a family member, a co-worker, or friend who has utilized their services before or even a client who commented on their site. Work that’s well done gets recognized and so, feedback from other people is a great way of finding a competent lawyer in Montreal.

  • Online Resources

The web is a good and quick way to find an attorney whether you require someone well versed in family law, employment or even property law act. Nowadays, almost every legal firm has some kind of online presence showcasing their attorneys’ qualifications as well as the successful cases they have handled.

  • The Phonebook

Even in today’s internet driven world, it’s still possible to find legal services with the help of yellow pages. Just look up lists of ‘lawyers’ or ‘attorneys’.

Narrowing Down

Once you have a list of potential employment lawyers in Montreal, the next task is to pick the best candidate and get to know them better. With all the details you have, you’ll want to narrow down your list to three or four candidates. Contact each one and schedule for an appointment where you get to meet them in person. Be ready to ask them relevant questions and gauge their responses, how you feel in their presence and if you would be comfortable if they represent you. You will be working together for a substantial period and so, a good relationship is vital. Based on the results from the appointments, pick the attorney you like most.

Keep in mind that there are time limits in making an employment legal claim. So, ensure you take action as soon as you think that you have been treated unjustly.