Visited Our Favorite Italian Restaurant For Our Anniversary

Italian Coffee

My husband and I had an anniversary coming up. We decided that this year we wouldn’t exchange gifts, but would spend the day doing things we love together. Since it was during spring break our son was home from school, but we asked if he could stay with my husband’s parents for the day. We wanted to spend some time alone together which is something we don’t get to do very often.

We talked about what we were going to do for the day, but didn’t really make any plans that were set in stone. After thinking about what I wanted to do, I told my husband I definitely wanted to visit our favorite Italian restaurant for our anniversary. It is also the same place he proposed to me. We both really loved the food and the atmosphere there and agreed we would definitely go there for dinner. I asked him what else he wanted to do and he said he wanted to go to the movies and see one that was out that he had wanted to see. I asked him which movie it was and when he told me, it was also one that I had wanted to see. We had our plans for the day and we didn’t plan on doing anything else.

The day of our anniversary arrived and I was really excited to go to our favorite Italian restaurant. We don’t really go out to eat very often so this was a really nice treat for both of us. Since we didn’t have our son, we decided that we would go shopping before we went out to eat. We went to the mall and found some things that we both needed and wanted. After that we headed out to dinner. We are never let down by this restaurant. Their food is always great and we both have our favorite items to order from the menu. We loved our dinner. After that we went to the movies and it was really good. My husband wasn’t as impressed with the movie as I was, but we did get to spend that time together. After that we went home and drank a few glasses of wine and enjoyed the rest of our quiet evening without our child. We usually don’t get any time alone and it was nice to just sit back and relax and not worry about anything.

I know that I want to start going to this restaurant more often because I love it. I want to take my son there too, he’s only been there once. We agreed we would start going at least once a month so we can enjoy their food. It’s close to our home and the prices really aren’t that bad. In fact, it seemed like their prices had decreased since we were there the last time. We both had a great anniversary and may do the same thing again next year when it arrives.